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Charles Allen Wyman, editor-in-chief, designer

In addition to ALR, CAW has edited Zoetrope All-Story Extra and the long-defunct but seminal BBMC. He divides his time between Madison and Spring Green, Wisconsin—home of American Players Theatre and Frank Lloyd Wright’s Taliesin. His poetry is featured in frequent public readings and workshops in the Midwest, and has been featured on Wisconsin Public Radio’s Higher Ground. Most recent print fiction credits include Mississippi Review and Snow Monkey. He has a tendency to stare into space for seconds that seem like interminable hellish months but are in fact only seconds.  

Renée M. Tertin, senior editorial consultant, designer

Renée Tertin has designed, edited, and produced artistic publications, web contents, and photographic materials for the State of Wisconsin for the past ten years. She has also done extensive professional photographic work, has run her own design company, and has become Death, destroyer of lipsticks. She misses Mister Rogers. Desperately.

Keiran Murphy, associate fiction editor

Keiran Murphy studied writing at Emerson College in Boston prior to embarking on the more lucrative field of art history. She works with several arts organizations in the Spring Green area. For, verily, it is written: “Those who can't do art, teach art history.” Nonetheless, she dabbles in stained glass and flute, and shamelessly swallows rich, thick fiction. 

Steve Finbow, associate fiction editor

Steve Finbow lives in London. His fiction, essays, short plays, poetry, and stuff is in, or will soon be in, 3am Magazine, The Beat, Big Bridge, Dicey Brown, The Edward Society, Eyeshot, The Guardian, InkPot, Locus Novus, McSweeney’s, nth Position, Pindeldyboz, Tattoo Highway, Thieves Jargon, Tin Lustre Mobile, Über, Wandering Army, Word For/Word, Word Riot, Xtant, Yankee Pot Roast, Zacatecas, along with a number of short-story anthologies. He writes the bi-weekly cultural column Pond Scum for Me Three, where he is also a contributing editor; he reviews the odd book for Stop Smiling, and is a writer with Quarantine Theatre Company. A longer bio and links to his work can be found here:

Holly Wilson, associate fiction editor

Holly Wilson received an MFA from Wichita State University. She has a new story in Eye Rhyme: Journal of New Literature (# 8) and is also an associate fiction editor at The Furnace Review.

Amy Brozio-Andrews, book reviewer

Amy Brozio-Andrews is a freelance book reviewer. Her work has been published by ForeWord Magazine, Melt Magazine, Library Journal, and Absolute Write. If she continues collecting books at her current rate, her bedside table will soon collapse under the weight of her "to be read" pile.

Jason Stuart Ratcliff, book reviewer

Jason Stuart Ratcliff has spent the past 13 years as a disabled
slacker and perpetual undergrad. Outside of the self-published - loser category, his print credits include The Sixth Sense, Tucumcari Literary Review, Bern Porter International, and Transcendent Visions. He spends his days reading, writing, ruminating, and listening to his Iron Maiden LP collection.


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