The Absinthe Literary Review
C O N T R I B U T O R S ’   N O T E S

  Summer  2003

Robert P. Beveridge

Robert P. Beveridge was born one Hallowe’en night thirty-odd years ago and knocked around the Eastern seaboard for much of the intervening time writing and making extreme electronic music under the name XTerminal. He is presently settled,
somewhat, west of Cleveland, Ohio.

M. Allen Cunningham

M. Allen Cunningham has had recent fiction in Alaska Quarterly Review, Wind Magazine, and Potpourri, and has work forthcoming from Snow Monkey. His story “Gentle Knives” was nominated for a Pushcart Prize. He lives in California’s Diablo Valley, and has set his first novel there.

Henri d’Mescan

Henri d’Mescan remains a noted fiction writer and theorist in many obscure, avant-garde circles. He is currently overseeing the assembly of Multifesto: A Henri d’Mescan Reader, of which the excerpt “Summary Execution” is a part.

Cheryl Klein

Cheryl Klein received her MFA from California Institute of the Arts. She lives in Los Angeles, where she works in the California office of Poets & Writers, Inc. Her stories have appeared elsewhere online in CrossConnect, Delirium Journal and Doorknobs & BodyPaint.

Sebastian Levy

Sebastian Levy, who graduated from Trinity College Dublin, works as a project consultant. He divides his time between Dublin, Ireland and Montpellier, France. He has numerous print and on-line publications, most recently in The Adirondack Review, DMQ Review, Can We Have Our Ball Back? and Niederngasse.

Oswald LeWinter

Oswald LeWinter is a seventy-two-year-old American poet living in Lisbon, publishing again after a long hiatus. He published a book in 1963, Shakespeare in Europe and has taught at Columbia University, the University of Essen and at Wuerzburg, Chulalongkorn U. in Thailand, Jagiellonska Univ. of Cracow, and Carabobo U. in Venezuela. He has published nearly 100 poems over the years in Shenandoah, Sewanee, Contact, the noble savage, Epoch, The Adelphi, Argonaut, Hudson Review, Paris Review, The Literary Review, Prairie Schooner, Beloit Poetry Journal, New Mexico Quarterly, Prairie Schooner, Richmond Review, Tarpaulin Sky, Niederngasse, Avvenimenti (Rome) Botteghe Oscure, Kuerbiskern (Germany), Chelsea, and many others. He has received the International Rilke Prize for poems in German and English. His poetry has been praised and discussed by the likes of Robert Lowell, John Berryman, Patrick Kavanagh, William Carlos Williams, and Saul Bellow, who called LeWinter an “American Rimbaud.”

Duane Locke

Duane Locke lives in Tampa, Florida. He needs only 66 poems published to have 5,000 poetry publications. Currently, he is thinking about moving to Winter Haven.

Lee Minh McGuire

Originally from Seattle and a graduate of Washington State University, Lee Minh McGuire is currently pursuing an MFA in creative writing at the University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana.

Davis Schneiderman

Davis Schneiderman’s work has appeared in Exquisite Corpse, The Iowa Review Web, Clackamas Literary Review, Diagram, 3rd Bed, Happy, Neotrope, Gargoyle, and 3AM, among many others. He is currently co-editing a forthcoming anthology on William S. Burroughs and the Global Order (Pluto Press, 2004).

Gary Sloan

Gary Sloan is a retired English professor in Ruston, Louisiana.  In his retirement, he has written articles on literary figures for Free Inquiry, Skeptical Inquirer, Skeptic, American Atheist, The Freethinker (London), and other magazines. He also writes occasional political commentaries for Nando Media, a national newspaper service.

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